Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Help Heather Ho Reach 2000 Twitter Followers and Stop Internet Douchebaggery

Dear World,
It has come to my attention that douchebags are taking over the internet. In fact, my own non-scientific, unofficial research shows that 90% of the people who post things online are at least three quarters douche.
What is an internet douche you ask? Well, an internet douche is someone who posts online on sites like Facebook and Twitter and think the more followers they get, the more important they are. Yet, when you look at what they have to say, it's completely inspired, un-original, and/or completely ripped off from someone else. In short, an online hack.

How can I help stop internet douchebaggery? Glad you asked. By following comedians and entertainers like Heather Ho (@heatherhocomedy) you give people who are actually entertaining, and have something to offer society a stronger voice, which drowns out all the white noise caused by douchebags, such as wanna be celebrity bloggers and the like. When you give a real entertainer a platform, only good things can happen.

So join me, and help @heatherhocomedy reach 2000 followers by July 4th, and in turn, help win back the internet for non-douchebags everywhere.

1 comment:

  1. Is this for real? Your "research" about how many people are in someones social network is bogus. Influence in Social Media is huge, and if they have a lot of people communicating back from their Twitter or Facebook pages, more power to them. It's not cool for you to be knocking them down for you to support a friend of yours. If she is a talented comedian her work should stand by itself.